All About Formula Ford Wheels & Wiz Wheels By Les Weller

A Little History & Why Buy A Wiz Wheel? Double Welded?

Wiz Formula Ford 1600 Wheels Designed by Les Weller

Formula Ford was created in 1967 and over the years has been the learning Formula for many motor racing greats such as Button, Coulthard, Fittipaldi, Häkkinen, Hill, Mansell, Räikkönen, Senna and countless others; it is often said that if you can win consistently in Formula Ford you can win in anything because the competition is so tough. The Formula spawned many manufacturers and at some points more than twenty companies were making Formula Ford cars. Some of the top names have been Alexis, Crossle, Hawk, Jamun, Merlyn, Mondiale, PRS, Ray, Reynard, Royale, Spectrum, Swift, Van Diemen. The Formula provided engineers the chance to learn their craft and experiment with car developments and so many top engineers in the sport such as Adrian Reynard, Patrick Head, Rory Byrne and Pat Symonds began by designing and constructing Formula Ford cars.

Motorsport Events Limited can trace their history in Formula Ford back to 1972 when our company founder's Father, Ian Moore, began racing in the sport with great success and built the first Formula Ford cars called Swift. Our own Ed Moore has been a multiple regional Formula Ford Champion and also a twice National Formula Ford Champion and is known for being a very methodical motorsport engineer who leaves no stone unturned in car preparation.

In the early days of the sport various road car wheels were used and then the almost standard fitment became wheels made by Dunlop. The rules for Formula Ford 1600 require the wheels to be a standard type manufacture, steel wheel with a 13" diameter and 5.5" width. The majority of cars still use a Triumph based 3.75" (95.25mm) PCD, but a few use Ford PCD of 4.25" (108mm) and some even a PCD of 101.6mm (4"). Les Weller, the man who became famous for making high quality steel racing wheels, launched a new wheel for the Formula in 1983 and instantly this became the wheel to have winning every major Championship and Trophy race. The product designed by Les evolved over the years a little and we became involved in the distribution of Les' products in 2003.

There have been various partners of Les over the last 20 or so years, but we have always remained loyal to Les; he is the undisputed number one expert in steel wheels worldwide and is known as Mr Wheels because of his reputation for excellence in the wheel manufacturing industry globally. We are delighted to once again partner up with Les and proud to be selling the new Wiz Wheels which are designed and made under the watchful eyes of Les and Rob Tunnah at The Wheel Works, a UK based organisation. We have chosen to supply this new wheel due to it's superb design, high strength, light weight and accuracy. The wheel centre is made from Swedish high strength Steel and is double welded for extra security, a first for a Formula Ford wheel. This means the centre is welded twice to the rim (on the inside and outside). Whilst the appearance of the wheel is different to the previous products we have supplied, there will be no fitment issues, we have carefully checked clearances on a multitude of cars.

The new Wiz Wheels are a ultra high quality product, designed and handmade by skilled engineers. These are the ultimate steel racing wheel, if you want dependability, strength, accuracy and are serious about winning, these are the wheel to have. We have unrivalled knowledge of Formula Ford wheels and can draw upon our many years of Formula Ford experience to advise which wheels fit your car, so always ask and we will be happy to help.

How Our Part Numbers Work

Van Diemen JL013K, Ed Moore winning at Mallory Park 2017

For example part no: 095 09 01

095 = 95.25mm PCD

09 = Offset (ET) in mm

01 = Colour Gloss Black

PCD's available: 95.25mm, 108mm

Offsets available are +3, +9mm, +34mm

Colours available: 01 Black 02 Silver, 03 White

Whats Available? What Fits What?

Swift DM2 1979 Ian Moore Castle Combe, the first ever Swift Formula Ford fitted with Dunlop wheels

  • 095 09 01 commonly called Swift or standard offset, compatible with 544261 and fitted on many classics/historics such as Merlyn's, Crossle's, Royale's, modern era Ray's Van Diemen's, Spectrum's, Swift's etc, in Gloss Black
  • 095 09 02 as above but in Silver, compatible with 544262
  • 095 09 03 as above but in Gloss White, compatible with 544263

  • 095 34 01 commonly called Van Diemen wheels, compatible with 544267 and fitted on many mid 1980's to late 1990's Van Diemen's and others, in Gloss Black
  • 095 34 03 as above but in Gloss White, compatible with 544269

  • 108 03 01 commonly called Lola wheels and fitted on various Historics with the less common Ford PCD, in Gloss Black, compatible with 544252
  • 108 03 02 as above but in Silver, compatible with 544253

Remember To Get An Edge Use The Best & Ask For Our Advice

Emerson Fittipaldi and Ed Moore at the Goodwood Festival of Speed

Two Emerson's Is Better Than One!

Emerson Fittipaldi was a star in Formula Ford in 1969 and by 1972 was the Formula One World Motor Racing Champion. Motorsport Events MD Ed Moore is also a multiple Formula Ford Champion and was named after Emerson and has been lucky enough to regularly meet up with his hero Emmo at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The tradition carries on with George Moore also having Emerson as one of his middle names!

Dulon MP17 Formula Ford, Castle Combe

Dulon MP17

Formula Ford has cars of all eras competing, this is a 1974 Dulon MP17 which is a stunner and has very early (mid 1980's) Les Weller designed FF1600 wheels fitted. This car was proudly on display at the Castle Combe celebration of 50 years of their fabulous FF1600 Championship.

Motorsport Events Van Diemen JL015K Oulton Park

Prepare Properly


Below is an extract from the current UK Formula Ford 1600 Technical Regulations:


13 inch diameter steel wheels with a maximum rim width of 5.5 inch are the only wheels permitted. They must be of standard manufacture but the off-set may be altered. (It is recommended that weekly checks for cracks be carried out and that the wheels be replaced twice a year). 


Important Warning Product Limitations

Unfortunately motorsport is dangerous and accidents can happen. Even a very low speed accident can result in an impact causing serious injury or death. Great care and attention to detail has been taken with these parts, but motorsport can put considerable strain on components and so only experienced professionals should work on competition vehicles and when components have been subjected to higher than normal stresses or suffered a collision, however minor, they should be replaced immediately. We advise that if any product suffers an impact it should be replaced. Please note that the products listed on this website are motorsport parts and should never be used on the public highway.